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Nice. lol I dunno.

If anyone does, please post them. She essentially made herself unemployable in that town. Incorrect. Just have to note how Crooked Hillary was able to own the DOJFBI who covered up for her.

Clearly they are not a conservative channel. No, a popularity campaign was started, Congress drafted it execrably and it was ratified by a super majority. It's called "having embalmed her own brain" on the free booze aboard that FREE PLANE our tax dollars provided her with.

geeez. they all wonder why they're lonely and need to seek outoutdo each other for whacked attention on the internet. Do you think the left will create a new party or will the Democrats move even more right to capture them.

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Nikot | 16.04.2018
This should make Trump happy. Yes please!
Yora | 23.04.2018
Man I miss Boruto's dad.
Zolohn | 24.04.2018
DAT gay ass
Kigarisar | 03.05.2018
I second the motion, Pat Winters!
Tygogal | 06.05.2018
Mekinos | 16.05.2018
Love me some Coen brothers.
Arashirg | 26.05.2018
It is!
Akinodal | 28.05.2018
Mom have sex with her guy

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